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lipstick 3About 15yrs back I decided to write  for a Goan magazine, the editor, looked at me I have always been an woman of substance, sari clad, a neat chignon at my nape, not to mention the nose ring and the bindi, she was quite skeptic until I opened my mouth. She did wonder if I could handle English.

Lets be frank at the moment I was brand housewife. Whether we like it or not we do create a brand image, our dressing, a speaking manner everything adds to this and our non-verbal presentation of ourselves comes a lot from how comfortable we are with ourselves.

Today I am a different person, but the journey was Pygmalion. I had to understand myself, as a brand I was I realized versatility and was blessed by the power of and. I was uncomfortable with the loss of hair thanks to the crab, I was uncomfortable with my scars thanks to the surgery, in short I was uncomfortable with myself.

The journey began with accepting myself it was about being authentic, who am I and what do I really want, my accomplishments, my passions, that understanding had to now be translated into my persona. this included the way I dressed, from sloppy I don’t care I had to translate to I am comfortable, yet I mean business. I mean business subtly meant I respect myself so do not abuse my skill or time. Of course my designer friend helped me translate this into my clothing.

The journey of final branding includes hairstyle, mild use of cosmetics. I find calling it make up a little ridiculous because make up about creating illusions.

This emerging awareness of personal branding along with rapid growth of the visual industry like movies, theater, advertisement has created the need for new set of skill sets, people who facilitate the development of these skill sets, as the profession of beauty and make up.

Being a beauty and make up professional is a space where one gets to exercise great creativity along with helping people accept themselves. To me it is a lot like dentistry that is it is an art and skill. As a profession it must be as challenging as dentistry I mean meeting new people, learning their challenges, then helping them over come it.  one would need to constantly learn, innovate and experiment. The industry has begun to demand trained, qualified and certified professionals.lipstick 1

If we were to look at beauty and make up as a profession then we are talking about hair styling, makeup artistry, nail artistry, beautician, theater and screen make up, bridal make up foot-care so on and so forth.

Of course putting together and choosing is no doubt a challenge. So here is what Harion Tyagi the director of suggests, that instead of just rushing into the industry, choose your stream of choice, develop your expertise then choose a reputed academy or institute to go ahead. To make things easy offers a great platform. The aim here is provide education that is global standard yet affordable.

lipstick 2IL&FS institute of skills beauty and Makeup situated in New Delhi seems a good option they offer certification after hands on comprehensive training from international trainers. The course options are beautician, hairstylist, bridal make up artist.

The institute is located in Okhla Industrial estate of Delhi. After the training, the options of finding employment or opening your own independent venture is available. The arena of beauty and make up sets, cinema makeup, fashion and stage shows are all open.

What the course helps an individual to acquire skills and dexterity that empowers them to enrich peoples life by using their creativity to help people look and feel good.

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