Stories Along The Way

julelala (2)
jhulelal temple jamanagar

I love travelling, and I am a traveller not a tourist, for a tourist sees what he has come to see, I see what I see. Travelling for me is healing, discovering and learning. There is a kind of excitement. All these years I have been travelled not only to other worlds but into my own through books like a voyeur instead of a voyager

After a travel one actually learns as much of ourselves as we learn about new vistas. We appreciate nuances of our own community and culture as we learn about the other somewhere we discover we are  alike and somewhere we are different.

There are two types of travelling that fascinating me, one is the road trip where we go along with every day life.  This is a wonderful way of learning the culture of a place.

Another is the structured travel tourism, where we have a focus and go tracking the destination that connects the objective. This gives us an idea of where we come from.

I am just back from Jamnagar, it was an amazing experience the changing landscapes. As we got into the train at Udupi, through the westcoast it rainy, mountain terrain, when we went to bed, it was rainy station bereft of any vendors of any kind.

dona paula (5)
sundown at Dona Paula

I remember as a child travelling from Madras to Delhi meant we travelled through Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, uttar Pradesh, the cuisine changed with terrain, even if one ate from the train pantry. we would look out at the landscape changing green and blue mountains to the blackish volcanic soil to the red soil and seemingly endless flatland.

Back to the current travel the reliance land of course began with fleecing the travellers incredible india and atithi devo bhava are all television successes. But once in town while my daughter and her friends were busy studying I went to see around.

The first jhulelal temple…

saturday night market (2)
night market at Arpora

The interesting way that tea was served and shared…

Then there was the pride in the voice of the auto driver when he told us about the autorickshaws that were manufactured indigenously at Jamnagar. The motorcycles morphed to carriers and transporters. The city had so much to offer.

As I waited for my daughter to finish her exams there were so many wild sparrows that I could site but not photograph.

During this road trips and informal travelling what I did gather is that the true ambassadors and cultural teachers are not the certified ones but the everyday vendors, like the bakery where I went to buy bread, he refused to let me take bread, but guided me to a “pharsan shop” since he wanted me to experience a traditional Jamnagar breakfast which is called Ghatiyo and is served with various chutney’s and sauce.

Other than that the various road trips that we have done are

camp empower (1)
camp Empowernment Kolad

view from the train.

I think it now time for a planned trip with a focused itinerary of our choice.

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