Traveling to Meet Stonebards

saturday night market (5)
handicraft Rajasthan

All those who wander are not lost; there are people who are looking and learning. Each road trip is learning experiencing of its own. but with family commitments taken care of, there are a few trips I would like to do with object specific.

To rest and recuperate, I would definitely like to do a few  days stay at some forest resort maybe specifically the one at Karnataka where an astrological garden has been created. This is on my to do list.

Theatre is my spiritual practise, that brings lot of history and cultural practises to my space. Another definite to do on my list, is a trail of folk story tellers, like the Kavaad, the Matha-di-pachdi these are places in Rajasthan where woodwork, weaving, block printing is executed. The stories of the ethnic people before the British pulled them to mainstream is rendered. The highlight of Gujarat tourism would the Calico Museum at Ahmadabad.

kunjur house 2
traditional house

Then there are forts that tell the stories of era that has gone by. Those stories are the truths that our stories are built on. These tales start in all sorts of places, then there are castles lead to stories of dragons, country estates small forts of Rajasthan talk of deeds of deepest love or hate, the tales have become ambiguous, with ambiguous characters and plot,  heroism, and ambiguous feeling of disappointment.

udupi Handloom

People either castle by their virtues or dungeon by their vices. Those virtures pull people into positive edifices, and vices lead to painful oppression

The stones of these castles continuously narrate these tales of valour, romance, betrayal and defeat.  This year my agenda is about going to these around Karnataka, the forgotten stories of our people. As we went to Barkur the legend has that throne of vikramaditya is interred.

nagvem cha raya (4)
rakno of Nagvem

As we walk around these cities, we become practioners of the city. The city is the visual language with a repository of possibilities, and as we walk we engage in the act of speaking that language from those possibilities. Just as language limits expression, architecture limits the walking expanse; the walker now has the freedom to invent other ways to go.  Imagine the structures, these are the stones are the bards come down the centuries to us warm with living breathe, like a good book that has to be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, a fine building should be seen in the morning light, at noon and by moonlight.

These forts and monuments then tell different stories. So may be by next year maybe I shall share you my trips on various architectural  structures of Karnataka, and the story tellers trail.

sawantwadi-chitniswado (14)
Bhonsle memorial Sawantwadi.

Here is my bucket list.

  • Rest retreat – forest retreat at Karnataka
  • Cultural trail – Rajasthan
  • Historic trail – Karnataka
  • Cusine – vegetarian trail of the coast.
  • Coffee story – Coorg.

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