constantly changing.

DSCN8317The clouds were clearing, usually this time of the year the shadow of the peak of Kudremukh was visible but with iron ore project the peak had scaled down the mountain ranges that stopped the water laden south-western clouds, resulting in the torrential rains of the western coast line of India had weakened.

When I look up, the peak stands though no longer straight and strong but a little stooped, I was  reminded of that evening with renowned Gulzar who grew up in the Paharganj region of Delhi sharing his experience.,

“when we were kids ” he said in Urdu laced Hindi,”Paharganj, mein Pahar tha, abh toh sirf naam hai,” he then continued to share the thrill of saving that “naya paisa’ for hiring a bicycle, and riding it downhill without applying the brakes. It was something that I could relate to, I mean riding the bicycle down the slopes with no break. He then went on to that point when he says you return to the place and it is not what you left behind, there are new vendors, in the market, new kids on the block the language is different too.

Maybe it the search for something permanent lead people to philosophy , and each generation reburies certain wisdom of the past, in the fleeting drivels of modernity,  which is again mined by a minority, who not only restore it, but also polish it, and re-invent it as something extremely new and and highly valuable and refreshing as understood by the current.

Life does not really stop for anybody, nothing is really permanent in life friends circumstances, riches or parental love… that probably is the difference between the living and dead. Clinically death is body that does not change, does that mean change is life and stagnation is death? If I don’t change I die…its simple and scary at the same time. This actually holds good for a society too, it is never static, if it does not grow it decays, if it does not transcend a status quo for better then it does not remain the same, it changes for the worse. We do often entertain the illusion is remain unaltered and stand still in any situation, but that is the most fatal illusion of it all… for the moment we stand still the decay begins.

We remain us, that does not change and we are constantly changing there is nothing we can do about it, there are roads we traverse, not every road we come across in our daily life is one we have to take, standing still and being could be the best move. Then comes the cross road in a relationship that asks…”what is it you want from me?”

Acceptance would be the answer and acceptance would only come from understanding, life after all is series of natural and spontaneous changes, resisting them would create disharmony. As we let things flow naturally in whatever way they like, harmony is recreated.  You could call it love, a triangle made of  understanding, acceptance and appreciation, if any one component is gone the triangle looses an angle and its stable form. The world becomes two dimensional, for the love of the triangle lets keep love whole.

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