Edappally Church Kochi

We drove down from Kothamangala to Edappally, the drive was beautiful, the coconut palms and beautiful houses with their lovingly tended garden, so much so I plan to make a a trip just for the garden houses of Kochi and even Trivandrum. Those houses triggered the images of an ideal house which I only see in my creative visualizations.

At Edappally just after we crossed the Lulu’s mall, which did not interest either me or my host we came across this beautiful coliseum with golden domes and an beckoning angel, the church.

When we entered the premises I remembered a story that was told to us by a Padre the story goes that a sinner was excommunicated and forbidden from entry to the church . the man took his woes to the Lord himself,

“Lord he said, they call me a sinner and do not let me into the church”

“what are you complaining about?” asked the Lord,”they won’t let me in either”

For that was what was happening there, the church was bustling with people, couples holding hands and whispering, and more than that people leaning against the church carvings, walls, pews name it and if they could lean they did, out came the selfie sticks and the picture was clicked!!

The premises the construction, the building its all so awesome that it is definitely worth a visit, as for visiting the Lord, you will find him in you, don’t stress out for a physical location.

sanctorum of Edappally Church — note the fresco 

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