Etiquette school drop outs

Carasid, is a lovely eatery at campal, they- have delicious cakes, now with Paratas and breakfast counter they have really grown.

What used to draw most of us to Carasid, was the feeling of sitting in the garden and sipping Tea.  The owners Sunil and Chris are great fun. Both are Marathon runners, yet they would indulge the arty- crafty crowd not to mention the Blogging world. If you had an idea that you were not sure of, Sunil is the go to person for a bounce off. His entire experience tempered with Landmark Forum Education is  a great guy. Then there is Sid, who is affectionate the entire experience was good.

It has been a great place, to eat somehow with food and coffee/Tea ideas and conversation seem to flow, discussions energized and how do I put it? it was like personal hospitality with Sunil-Chris-Sid around. Their staff is also extremely friendly and polite without intruding.

For the past month I have been observing, that when we have to have a meeting the group goes, “not Carasid”. We are now perplexed as to where do we sit for the one hour or one and hours we required for our work…. it isn’t that we have got bored the place it is that the place as morphed.

It is almost as if we are entering some office with stale coffee and lingering tobacco smell. The inviting kitchen fragrance no more wafts. The welcoming smile of Sunil – Chris – Sid and fellow foodies,is now replaced by obnoxious foul mouthed crew, of some event management company. I do not know the name nor do I want to know.

It is bad enough that they have hijacked most of the chairs, the two fans, and available plug points are totally hogged by this group, the most disgusting of them all was this guy who decided to plonk on my parked scooter, munched something and wiped his hand on my scooter seat, not to mention dropping ash I was petrified that my scooter would go up in flames.

Since it was just three of us meeting, and Carasid happened to be convenient we decided to me up  and guess what we had to hunt for chairs,Oh! Yes, after this jing-a-bing has hijacked al the tables, we are left with  2 and ½ unoccupied ones, half because there are laptop bags strewn over the place.  When we eventually found the chairs our conversation was rudely interrupted by  this demure salwar kameez clad girl talking about which male stripper to book for a bachlorette party, it was as if someone was pimping!!

Admist this great hostile territory the “on the move customers” add terror by driving right into the eating place, where the orphaned 2 and 1/2 chairs are located it is as if someone is trying to mow you down.

Sunil, Chris and Sid, when we have that wonderful warm place that Brand Carasid stood for back?

car invading the dining space at Carasid

For those of you who are working your start ups out of cafe’s and as  just a passing thought

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