World College Radio Day

We were on one of our family road trips, my daughter and MrD were arguing over the two FM stations, the thought struck that television, radio, and all the sources of amusement and information surround us in our daily give us an illusion that our mind is active, for somewhere along the line we are conditioned to react to an external stimulus. But their power rather limited when it comes to keeping our mind going to an extent they are like drugs. We grow used to them and we continuously need more and more of them. after a while they have no effect, look at the number of people going to sleep with the TV on. But it kind of retards our tapping of our internal resources, and we cease to grow intrinsically… when we cease to grow we begin to die… with this wonderful intellectual epiphany I continued to reflect on the topic.

When we grew up in the 70- 80’s there were no televisions, forget internet it was all about radio. The news, songs, interviews participating in radio programs was a huge thing. somewhere I thought radio’s were relegated to the past, then came the  community radio concept.

With Lago Raho Munna Bhai, it occurred that the radio had re-invented itself, the world of RJ’s and their PJ’s I mean poor jokes, the creation of programs, think of this our local chain of supermarkets, Magsons has its own radio channel with the jockey saying, “RJ somebody or the other only Magsons FM channel” did I realize that just like in-house magazine there were in house radio channels.

I then discovered the world college radio day, college radio seems to be the happening things on US campus I am actually wondering why are the wannabe – American campus college’s in India don’t have it, more intriguing is how come it is not featured in KJo’s movies.

Anyway why college radio at all? keeping my prejudices away I decided to seriously look at the pros and cons of it all… well it creates the college community, weaves the faculty and students into a fraternity. Communication becomes clean and clear. it helps to put out information on interdisciplinary events, newer courses, announcements of various kinds, disaster awareness creation.

Somehow radio-jockeying has been limited to Journalism and media students or telecommunication students. Yet business management students and finance students would benefit from it too. Let’s look at how it could benefit the student community…

  • Radio-jockeying requires oratory skills, and creative connecting along with curetting music.
  • The listener is a kind of customer, so dealing with listeners helps to develop customer service skills.
  • Current issues and issues relating to the community are often the backdrops for the RJ’s play-list, this creates an awareness of the challenges of the community.
  • Gives problem solving skills
  • Being an RJ would mean showing up on the decided time, this develops a sense of commitment and responsibility towards time.
  • Introduces people to new music.
  • It also allows for lot of fun and goofing.
  • It is an added credence on the resume.

In 2011 the Indianapolis university started this program, and 2012 the movement went global and 600 colleges participated. Events include radio-jockeying marathon. The lone indian participants are  would you like to start your own college radio station then  check this out

At the end of the day what I realized is that everything is an energy we can use it either constructively or destructively.

world radio day-2.jpg

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