Life…Whats next?

Dear Zindagi
You are mystery aren’t you, I mean each day begins without a clue as to how it is going to go, I could go anyway, anywhere it is the beginning of the rest of my life. Actually when I think of life and mystery I kind of agree with Oscar Wilde, true mystery is not the invisible it is the visible. Zindagi you can be exciting and excitement adds thrill, wonder and energy to life. it this thrill that brings me back to the now and here.
I guess which is why I think of you as an mystery.. Dear Zindagi what a mystery you are strange is it not. The minute I say mystery a picture of a mist and smoke, a woman with gun, someone shot… a scream and whodunit emerges, the trail of clues the sifting of the actual leads from the red herring the adrenaline rush the final answer what we always knew it was the butler!!
Well my epiphany here was something totally different. you do not work mysteriously you are the mystery just the experience of taking a different road to the same destination, the vista is totally different, one comes across newer vendors with newer buyers mothers calling out are different, sometimes there are no mothers calling out but there are mothers looking out for someone to sit by them and give them that hearing.
Sometimes it is a child that is peddling through the sidewalk on her tricycle sometimes it is an elder trying to walk with dignity that he once had… before he had to combat arthritis. the shrubs that flower are different, so the shade giving trees. It amazing how much one different turn can change our life.
The new incense that we burn the smell it evokes is a mystery just as our own reactions to it. Sometimes these fragrances actually trigger some long forgotten memory. Or the mystery of cooking a new vegetable.. For me it is vegetable after all I am vegetarian. Everything is just amazing.
Zindagi I think hence forth I shall call you Neshamah the whispering will you be my friend, shall we walk this walk together?
In psychiatry we are told that the known is pleasure and unknown is pain. Some even talk of the fear of the unknown, but on the brink of unrevealing a mystery there is everything the anticipation, a little fear an over drive of imagination with regard to what might be there, yet it is being in here, it is exhilaration of being alive a past hurt is a forgotten buried with due respect and the scar is its tombstone, while the future incubates… the nerves are tingling adrenaline peaks it is for this moment and what it reveals.
Dear Zindagi I am reminded of that wondrous rainbow, today I know the rainbow just sums you up. Think of it takes both sun and rain to create the rainbow, so the same with life, there are smooth rides, rollercoaster ones, how we deal with it decides our Karma and the quality of our life, there are times when it is essential to work for the pot at the end of the rainbow, there are times when it is essential to just step back and choose the colour on the rainbow that we would like to slide on.
Dear Zindagi thanks for the timely wake I hope I won’t slide back to being a zombie.
“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“

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