Of Slump and Trump

I am not a very political aware person, neither do I have intelligence to understand anything beyond housekeeping nor do I have the interest in doing so.  Yet when I hear MrD and my daughters argue about and express eloquently the scenario it strikes to me, that we are forgetting a huge issue.

Jimmy Kimmel went about taking his audience through the 5 stages of grief, yet, what I do not understand here why it is so difficult that to accept more people want Mr. Trump or BJP than those who do not want.

Mr. Trump talks of returning to  a society where women, Asians, Hispanics are kept out from work arena, leaving more jobs for the white American male…  a generation that has not really recovered from the Great recession…Obama Care and taxation has spelt a death to their small enterprises. With dwindling younger generation this generation now in its late fifties to eighties who were normally apathetic are out exercising their franchise, and they are on this trip of going back to the good old days.

In India Mr.Amit Shah went about awakening the sleeping giant of middle class particularly in the cow belt who see a more open and inclusive society as threat to the way they live. This message is persistently reinforced by the movies and television serials. So much so I am beginning to wonder if the entire conspiracy theory is true and the chief conspirator is Murdoch.

Possible that Mr. Murdoch is a racist, misogynist and ensures that his channels subtly propagate these ideas, I do not.

Think of it here is Mr. Trump a commoner who over threw the elite Clintons, and Mr.Modi who over threw the Elite congress WOGS is a chaiwallah. The media beating made both Mr. Trump and Mr.Modi mascots of the underdog. There is something that tells us there is hope the situation can be handled by the common man that is one major reason why most of us are willing to stand by the inconvenience we face over the past few days.

There are alternate voices, they do not want to sing the tune of the mainstream but want to contribute their music to the symphony that voice we try to erase all in the name of progress makes its stand very clear.

On the other hand, media has lost credibility too… if you have been observing the take on currency scenario then from Saturday evening to Sunday evening Times Now ran the same clipping of the voice on the street.

Okay now we are on the acceptance stage of everything, Trump…Currency Slump and all other media dump we need to get more involved and take responsibility as a community. Do we even acknowledge the identity of the community that we are in, particularly the educated migrant community… what is the pace, flavour and rhythm of this community that I have infiltrated into, how I can contribute… these are questions we never ask.

Most of us are not really leaders; the least we can do is to support those who lead.

2 Replies to “Of Slump and Trump”

  1. There are indeed times when a lesser mortal feels himself getting manipulated by the media. The Making/Branding of a President/PM should be a great topic for our marketing research fraternity these days!

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