Baingan Bertha

We become what we love, everything else is just movement.

This was the sufiyana message that I received today.

I come from town called Perampalli. Which is famous for its eggplants, I do not call it brinjal because these are green in color, round and seeded. In kannada we call it gulla.

 An vertically and horizontally challenged woman in gullavva.

An individual’s lack of knowledge receives an epithet “sutta badanekayi”

Eggplants are so ingrained in us that one of my life’s ambition is to write a book called Baingan-365 . Off all the various dishes made of eggplant my favorite is the grilled one with seasoning. We call it badanekayi bhartha

The grilled version of this in bhaiyyaland is called Baingan Bharta.

with the above data, my recent accident seems fully explained.

yours sincerely



Baingan Bertha.


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