tearsOne reason why I attempt the Indispire is  sometimes gives me deeper understanding of words, sometimes I see a new word that is really interesting then the rest of the day I try to use it.  somewhere i like the kind of authority and magic words wield.

The interesting part is in Sanskrit it is called Shabda and is made up of two components the Spota and the Dwani. Spota is the phonetic and dwani is the intonation, the combination of the two gives the word its potency. I like Rudyard Kipling’s take on it, that words are the most powerful drug used by mankind. To me it is actually like X-rays if used properly it will go through anything, one can just read and get pierced.

As I was trying to find out what actually the word meant I went to Merriam-Webster the word of the day  Lachrymose an adjective.

My initial challenge was to try to find out what the word meant. I figured, it must be New age spell or one of those things like boyz and girlz instead of boys and girls. So thought it was lack of remorse. I did use it in that context fortunately for me, when we speak we don’t see the spelling, we only see images.

Lachrymose means given to tears or weeping, or tending to cause tears.

It comes from the Latin word lacrimosus, which in turn is comes from the noun lacrima…now I am on familiar territory of the lacrimal glands and secretion. Though lachrymose appeared in English only around 1727, how ever in the 15th century Lachrymal was used…this was sometimes spelled as lacrimal particular for scientific application. To the date it is used in Medical terminology to mean “of, relating to, or being glands that produce tears” Lachrymose takes a little different flavour as it means someone who is so moved, or feels so strongly that tears flow. It could also mean something that evokes that strong emotion that brings tears.

Lachrymose I finally can handle it but I wonder if Lachrymosic would be tendency to be Lachrymose, or should I say tendency to Lachrymosis? Anyway for now I go with Lachrymose.

Wondering what other words, come in, after all the words of the year bygone, belongs to last year’s language and words of the year to come is the language of the future, but the word learnt today is the word of the present.

I like to imagine words as forgotten names, like names they have power, power that lights fires, in the minds of people, words that wring tears…are they lachrimyatic?

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