Missing Children

I met Mrs.Nirgudkar after a long time, she still looks angry not that I blame her, her son was kidnapped at the age 7 or 8, fortunately he was rescued, now twenty years later he was reported missing from an army expedition, he went on.  she had received a letter from the army asking her to tell her son to return or he would have to face consequences, she just shot back a letter to the army chief and the defence minister that the last she saw of her son was when he left for the expedition, so the army owed her an explanation as to what happened to her son.

About 180 children go missing every day in India. Many of them never found. From 2013 to 2016 there has been a 84% raise in missing children.

May 25th is dedicated to Missing children internationally. It is a public awareness drive to create awareness about missing children and spread a message of hope to their families.

This commenced when in 1979 a 6yr old boy Etan Patz was kidnapped and killed, his father Stan Patz resorted to all means to find him, including put a picture of the boy on milk cartons.

1998 the US national centre for missing and exploited children and international centre for missing and exploited children launched a global venture, and this network now connects 22 nations.

The first event in 2001 spotlighted the problem of child abduction and some steps parents could take to protect their child. The event annually honours the missing children and celebrates the recovered ones.

What worries me, is the raise in missing daughters of India, there is a huge increase in female foeticide, this is causing a imbalance in the male female ratio, there are states, that put hoardings like,”pay now, save later”  to advertising for gender identification and female foeticide.

The missing daughters, particularly in northern states where dowry and expensive marriages are an issue, brides being imported from other places, religion, caste all social boundaries do not matter, the girls are actually bought off from their impoverished parents, despite dowry being the norm in these states and the only criteria is having a male child.

The missing daughters have resulted in an association of bachelors emerging and they are asking the politicians to eradicate unemployment, and female foeticide or yes, find ways to get bachelors married. I do wonder if these bachelors will go on to father daughters and send their to be born daughters to a prenatal grave!

The symbol of this event is the Forget-Me-Not-Flowers, so that people spare a minute for the missing person and spread a message of hope.



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