To Categorize and Label

There are these constant prompts that ask what does blogging mean to you?

What made you start to blog etc. etc. well I stumbled and just started to typing.

Here I am sitting with  my own Jeeves, taking control of my blogs, ”Well Ma’m you have too many categories.”  Every self respecting member of the Drone’s club knows that it is essential to be classified and labelled, in short boxed, if you were not boxed you had others foxed, so goes the state of my blog… how do we slot these  intellectual pictographs into longitudes and latitudes… How do you hold the moonbeam on the sand…

To be frank it is easier to categorize in life, for the categories can change quite easily, on exerting the grey matter, one figures, that changing categories is so easy that we can actually belong to every single category! We can become hunters, victim, masters, slaves, rich , poor, the lock or the key….it is absolutely do able.

Haa! I think I should try to categorize my blogs, like I said, since my tag line is travelogue of a gypsy, I can have blogs where I am the hunter, blogs where I am the victim, so on and so forth.

I actually considered the very medical college one, where we have six possible causes for every disease.

  1. Injury
  2. Inflammation
  3. Infection
  4. Infiltration
  5. Iatrogenic
  6. Idiopathic

This would let my readers know that I do possess something in the cranial cavity, lets not go into the right and left business, but Merriam-Webster crashed with members of the wannabe Drone’s club members looking up the meaning of Iatrogenic!!

Eventually I figured what has to be done has to done and I got down to it. maybe the best thing to do is go by hierarchy… like the classification of plant and animal kingdom.  We categories and sub-categories.

I do agree that labeling, makes it easier to pick the blog one required  …

”Jeeves ”I inquired,  “maybe I should label the blog you know like the index  so that it makes reading easier”

“Navigate, Ma’m people navigate through the blog” replied my Jeeves if “I may” he continued, “I would recommend”

Here is what Jeeves recommended,  of course Jeeves belongs to the old school and he allows twenty categories, but the waitress at the choc-o-chip milk bar insists ,”NOT more than eight.” I wondered what one did with other 12, the girl tells me with a straight face, “place it as a sub-category”

Here is the home work I have to do, not more than 20 categories per blog, okay I scale it down to eight. And per post not more three, it is quite confusing when everyone  tries to own something. Each category should not have more than three words,  and ones with no posts delete the category. Wow, that sounds great.

At the moment I am under shock… just imagine having to weed the thousand odd blogs, and re-categorizing them… let me fortify myself with a strong tumbler of kapi. Frankly I did consider deleting all the categories but I am told by higher intellects that categories, are pivotal as  the  it helps the readers to explore the contents of blog.

Hmm if I have to sort it to various categories, they need to broad so I sneaked into indiblogger  but  what under the in the blazing sun would I write about business or IT?  I am really suffering from a labeling overdose of labeling, let me start with the basic. What is my blog about..

  1. Observation
  2. Experience
  3. Inference

There are things I have learnt, there are things I have seen some are handed to me, some are entrusted to me till the rightful claimant arrives, so how do I put these into  rows and columns/  its about life so I guess that is where I find the pegs to nail it all.

I can do with all the help I get – If any of you do meet Galahad please do send him down to the Drone’s club oriental chapter post-haste.

Capital! Capital! Capital!






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