The Ladies Lounge

Welcome to Ladies Lounge,

If you wondered what this is, well, let me walk you through the history, Once upon a time there was the anthapura, the zanana the women’s quarters where women discussed things that were important to them. this was the place from where the women wielded their power. In the Mughal Zanana being in-charge of it was a prestigious issue.

The village well was another place where women, brainstormed, did troubleshooting and of course a bit of bitching and a whole lot of gossiping. In the postraj urban India, the village well the centre of lot of social changes and emotional support was looked down on. the so called emancipated Indian woman had actually become weaker, for she was all about turning masculine.

The nurturing qualities of the female energy are consistently mis-presented as home-management, child rearing and subjugation to the male energy. Its independent strength and potency is ridiculed and still worse it is not acknowledged in its totality.

The early modern woman is handed a super-cape from her mother but guess what there is this constant pressure to use a rather ill-fitting cape from MIL, well not that the mother’s cape fits to the T.. but one can manipulate it. The village well has vanished, so no collective wisdom was available.

The village well magical remerged in various spaces one being the school yard where women waited to pick up their kids, the ladies room in every workspace, the mother-in-law, sister-in-law and other extended family replaced, by colleague, boss and other key players. The issues have remained the same, breaking ice, finding my voice and space, establishing my energy.

The cape gave us various hues to play with the victim, the warrior, and the survivor, whatever.

The Ladies Lounge is for the woman in 50’s the baby boomer generation, the epiphany that mother-in-law is no more the person who annoys us, but we are the mother-in-law can be quite scary..Ladies Lounge… a space where they can unwind and feel their energy, brainstorm, troubleshoot, bitch or just gossip.

This is an unique space where men are denied access, they were never there.

Well here is the deal, you can share anything you feel appropriate, and the interaction can happen. Brainstorming, Troubleshooting and gossiping is on.


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