Three learning From a Spider Sting


Instead of the usually kick into the system energy spike and sparkle in my eye, all that my tympanic membrane transmitted was a disturbance in transmission.

Of course there was this feeling of ants crawling on my scalp and my ear is on fire. Herpes of the Auriculotemporal Nerve was my diagnosis.

When I did look into the mirror my ear kind of looked across between deep-fried lobster (by the way I always thought lobster was the word used for a mobster who turned into a political lobbyist anyway that is brainwork for another day) and a shrunk duodenum.

I rushed to my fellow Druid, being a true Drone’s club Fellow I knew I was beaten. Druid Diagonitixs diagnosed “spider venom” she put me on antibiotics and antihistamine. After about an hour of ingesting both the dormant ninja within awoke with the appropriate energy that only Jay’s “momma” can infuse.

With a broom and a mop it was my pilum versus the phylum Arthropoda class insect. As flagstone by flagstone of the house got free of dust-bunnies and Hexapoda or what ever the insects are called the lobster on my ear began revert being my ear, from deep-fried lobster to shrivelled lobster to normal ear was a journey of relief.

The swelling and pain must have triggered an intellectual button, for I wondered what did Ectognatha(higher classification of phylum Arthropoda better known to you and me as insects) had to convey. Well that meant a going deep into the jungles of Google-dom to find the Druid Instafix the last descendent of the renowned Gaulish Druid Getafix…

Druid Instafix looked at my ear with great concern… the lobster had now turned to a shrivelled lobster very gravely he told me, ”well I can say for certain that this being the month of Shravan and you being a vegetarian this is no message for you to start a lobster diet.”

Well I did not need Instafix to tell me that. Taking a deep breath he went on  to say, ”now there is a deep shadow self within you that  you have not acknowledged let her out, feel the magic of Maya”  Phew,

But as I sip day’s brew… something triggers the thinking and allows understanding of the higher message when a spider shows up in your life it actually is a reminder of some negative aspects of our own personality that needs to step out into the light, spiders inspire fear or aversion in man like the aversion we have to what the psychologists call the shadow self with us. Shadow self are traits within us that we have rejected, because we or somebody else perceives it as undesirable. The spider does not take on these attributes, but it asks you see what is that you are not comfortable with in your relationship with your power animal… where does it show up in your life? it could be any space  work, family, relationship whatever.

The equation of how I interpret the message given, the guidance offered and my connect with the spider.. Did it want to kill me? or did I want to kill?  Indicates the kind of dynamics that is shaping between me and what the spider represents to me.

Spiders show up myths and lore around the world, in India it represents Maya the weaver of illusions.  To the American shamans, it is the grandmother the link to the past and future. Interestingly unlike under insects spiders have two sections it kind of gives it a figure of eight appearance figure of eight is also the symbol of infinity a circle flowing into another, either holding your place in between the circles or walking those circles are both difficult the spider teaches us to keep up the balance between the past and future, physical and spiritual, male and female. The webs are spiral the traditional symbol of creativity and development, the spider in the centre reminds us we are the centre of our own world.  Spiders represent three expressions of I like to call it “Vismaya” in mundane language magic

  • The magic of creative power look at its ability to spin those fine silken thread.
  •        The spider is persistent that makes it the symbol of  assertiveness of creative force, the feminine energy that keeps creation alive and strong.
  • Finally the spiral energy of linking the past and future they both converge at the center of the web where the spider is housed.

The spider is also considered the guardian of ancient languages and alphabets, making it the teacher of languages and the spinning the magic of words. The spider is also associated with death and rebirth maybe because it kills and eats the male after mating. The constant building and weaving of the webs, is also a lunar cycle as it synchronizes with the waxing and waning of the moon. Spider teaches through polarity and balance.

Maybe it was a lesson that I was refusing to learn so the spider venom had to really kick this one in… that the world is woven around us, we are the keepers and writers of our own destiny weaving it like the spider does by our thoughts feeling and actions.

I tend to be muddled the spider forced me to sit up as it presented itself as a lobster that said hey its time to come out of your shell, and allow yourself be a little more vulnerable… you know emotional experiences are key to personal growth and understanding. Drop your armour and you open yourself up to a more positive experience. Embrace the change despite perceiving it as a pain for the universe is delivering its gift.. To grow the shell must be shed!!

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