3 Giveways of The Funny World Of Blogging.

The funny world of blogging.

“Its funny the way he behaved,” Tippaswamy declared.

Tippaswamy is definitely not BC crowd, he is AC not the cool kind but After Coffee kind.  Like everybody her husband knows, it takes the first of Coffea Robusta to kick the grey cells and the second to bring in the serenity required for contemplating the great mysteries of the universe.

That made Tippaswamy’s declaration,(not a dying one, but definitely inspiring homicide) a point to ponder. Though I did worry about the funny behaviour, the word “funny” triggered something in the deep dark internal space; this word seems to popping up once too often. Matheikal throws prompt,  about blog and funny.

When words fail, then the wordless turn to Merriam-Webster so did I. After gathering the relevant information it was BC time, yes, you are bang on break for coffee time.

One rather pensive day when I was trying to tap the Ulnar nerve against the humerus bone to physically feel experience funniness, my daughter hands me “Unreal Elections” which she has by the way quietly confiscated to take to the hostel. book was a spoof on the 2014 elections, I discovered the authors through their blogs on UnrealTimes. The authors of course intended to amuse… be facetious… their blogs are funny.

Then there is Mr.Consultant from Mrs.Consultant and Mr.Farmer, affording mirth and laughter… they are amusing… yes they are funny.

This is tiring and calls for nutritional supplement … a slab of Theobroma dispersed through all-purpose flour and adequately baked in the at Tia Maria’s oven is just right,  this followed by two nibbles of deep-fried Musa Accuminata (no I am not a cannibal, eating Moosa living next door) which better known as Nendran pazlamaccompanied by my third cup of Robusta…

Mulling over …

that most us write under a pseudonym sometimes men writing as women, and sometimes women writing as men maybe it allows us the freedom we otherwise deny ourselves, which is true in my case. Maybe because our given name is mortal, and pseudonym is immortal…


Bloggers are involved in trickery and deception…it is funny …like a prisoner asked not do anything funny.

It’s funny its only on internet can we be lonely and popular at the same time, on one hand I have Ray Bongs and Mrs.Funnybones that I connect with everyday… I see people delivering answers to questions people never asked….its contemplative and contradictory … its funny.


It is here by decreed that bloggers are funny  no matter how Merriam-Webster defines funny.


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