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On World Post Day

The Postal department —

Papa would enter the compound just before lunch and tell us,”I am the postman”

All of us kids playing “house game” would giggle, but the Postman, with his heavy bag was always fascinating.

I am talking of days before the email posts, or the courier boy,  I am talking of that person who would carry a sack, it was quite heavy with all the sorrows , joys, worries and hopes penned on paper for him to deliver to the destination. When the bell used to ring at noon, there would be a sense of expectation, suspense, secrecy sometimes even intrigue because we didn’t know who was there, and postmen don’t ring twice, so a single ring meant that small blue rectangle carrying words to change the mood.

October 9th, is the world post day, the anniversary of Universal Postal Union that established in 184 at the Swiss capital Bern.  It was officially declared in 1969 at the UPU congress Tokyo. A lot of countries are part of this celebration and use it to launch new services and products. In 2015 the commitment was to sustainable development goals.

The purpose of the world post day to make people aware that the postal services contribute to the social and economic growth of a country..  Many countries use the day to appreciate and reward the services of the employees. Philatelic exhibitions, issuing and cancellation of new stamps are organized. The activities of the world post day are on display at the post office and other public services.

The postal services have of course morphed from the running Messenger, to the receiver paying for the message.

There was a story of a brother and sister, who could not afford the postal payment, so they would send the letter but the receiver would not receive it, sounds like the modern-day day “Missed calls” then came the postal stamps as proof of payment by the sender.,  Britain first came up with the postal stamp, the picture of the queen is on the stamp without the name of the country, there is only the value of the stamp.

If you were to see the kind of letters and the addressing that are on the envelopes it is a yeoman service. With the arrival ay-phones and now the mobile and email has pushed the written letter aside but the postal worker still brings the heart flutter,

“What’s your postal address” is still relevant.

For the message from UPU President


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