Grade sheet 2016

2017 seems no better! The only addition that Arnab gets his own space to shout.

Parwatisingari's Weblog

#life lessons

  1. The year begins with the deafening sounds of crackers over Mandovi and we realize life is drudge when a normal 10-mnts zip down the drive turns into a 100-mnts stake out.
  2. Every channel goes berserk with proposals and projections and choose to call it hopeful prediction.
  3. Then comes Loveria the valentine’s madness the annual war between sanskari baccha and dil ka saccha.
  4. The exam fever.. CBSE vs. ICSE while all the government seats are hogged by forgotten state syllabus — thank God I am over it and its a long wait for my grandbabies to arrive.
  5.  It is a free universe, April showers need  not shower in April.
  6. May day… the domestic tourists on the move trains and planes are overflowing, so are the side walks with Garbage
  7. Heat wave hits Delhi in June,national media gets hysteric…the rest of the country does not matter.
  8. July we have not…

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