The Treasure cove at Faridabad

Nov.8th to 18th I was off on the Himalayan Retreat, beginning with the Himalayan Retreat at Binsar to the Valley Of Words the Litfest at Dehradun, between the Jaunts came, Delhi and Kurukshetra.

This trip to Delhi I discovered the National Institute of Financial Management at Faridabad.

Nestled in Faridabad, is the National Institute of Financial management. Its like an oasis after traversing miles of desert, in this case dust, and garbage.

The institute runs two programs

  • PGDM in financial management which is an year long course.
  • Executive PGDM in financial management.

Some of the best brains and experiences from the central services teach here. As neither education nor finance is my area I will not go into the course details. Those interested can always access the links that I given.

To me the most impressive part was their librarian, who knew the exact books that were there even without referring to the catalogue.

The nursery was another very fascinating area, the person in charge again has been tending to the plants and is currently experimenting with grafting of roses. He very shyly told me that people from in and around came to him for gardening advice, and sometimes even sapling.

someone there definitely has a sense of humor, there huge patch of thickets and shrubs, tall bamboo is called the Dandaka vana the young boy who took me around told me, because people would come out scratched by thickets and bitten by insects the patch was name so.

open spaces for people to interact, with stone seating arrangement, a cactus garden gives the feel of an ancient learning energy being housed.

NIFM faridabad (7)
the cactus garden
NIFM faridabad (6)
the cactus garden
NIFM faridabad (5)
An thicket area, so called because of the unruly growth and people entering it tend to turn up with thorn scratch or insect bite
NIFM faridabad (4)
An amazing cactus garden
NIFM faridabad (3)
My guide, sharing this nice place that allows participants to interact or just relax.Wrote the synopsis of my story here
NIFM faridabad (2)
The Rose Garden the nursery staff take great pride in their nursery and the fact that people come to them for help and advice.
NIFM faridabad (1)
As you enter


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