Been To BhimTal

About 15yrs ago we had our only family trip to Naintal. I really do not remember much of it, except that Bhimtal was a sleepy hamlet.
lake Bhimtal (2)My husband ordered lunch we were about 10 of us, as his ashram friends had joined us. Aloo Parata was the only thing on the menu. That was when we learnt that in the north we do not say chaar parate lao or name the number the parata we wanted to eat. We should ask for Parata, the guy would keep them coming until we said we were done.
the himalayan writing retreat (1)
dried up river bed.
There was this huge tree, in the middle of the Tal or the lake and on it grew the cactus. Those days I found it intriguing but over this trip of the Himalayas I discovered that yes, cactus did grow on the mountain rocky terrain. So an aerially dispersed seed could result in a symbiotic or parasitic growth. And the Banyan tree is known for its generosity towards other living creatures.
Those were the days before the mobile phones. The only camera that we owned was semi-professional and I dare not use it simply because I did not know how.

pahri house
pahadi house, which is designed to blend with the terrain
but as we zipped through the town the sleepy hamlet has now turned to a bustling town with eateries yes including the Udupiwallah. It should be called Madraswallah and not udupiwallah as the food was Tamilian.
Both on the way to Binsar and back the lake with the cactus tree was on the other side, however I got a few pictures to share. The Himalaya seems to tell me that my connect is not yet over.the himalayan writing retreat (2)
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