A Pilgrims Progress

I am at Kumardhara at Subramanya in Dakhina Kannada district. My early memory of this place was thick forests; one would see snakes in abundance.  Local families extended hospitality to the pilgrims. The temple in itself had been so rooted in the jungle it was dedicated to a live snake hill. It was considered auspicious to sight a snake writhing the premises of the jungle.

People come there as undertaking for health, particularly infertility and skin diseases. The belief is if you can pick the pebbles from the river bed of kumaradhara and stack it the universe will give you your own house.

Today going to Kukkesubramanya is easy, just hop into a cab and you are there. The temple is filled with “spiritual tourists” who line up the connect with the divine is just gone.

I just remembered Dr.Ohri shared his take on the Yatra to Kedarnath, how pilgrimage on foot, added to the quality of the journey, a sense of connects with community’s enroute happened. The pilgrims to the economy of the place. People ate what the local ate, and imbibed the tradition of the locals. This slowly brought a shift in their energies and renders them more connected to the universe. With current driving up still worse landing in helicopters really cuts the spiritual growth out.

Essentially the purpose of a pilgrimage is to set aside a long period of time in which the only focus is the matter of the soul. It is not about going away, it is about coming. Those who choose to go out on a pilgrimage have already ventured away from themselves, and now want to connect with themselves. At times it might help to go away by ourselves from all that drains and distracts us, so that we look inwards and tend to what needs connecting. It’s not about going to edge of the world; it is just going to edges of us.

Honestly a prayer is not about asking, it is about putting ourselves in the hands of God. At his disposition and istening to his voice in the depth of our hearts.

One of the belief’s about Kukke subramanya is stacking the pebbles from the river bed of Kumaradhara will grants us a house of our own.

As a healer what I think really happens here, is a shift in the belief system. This shift allows us to manifest the desire The faith that Subramanyaswamy will ensure that we get our house we set ourselves up to be successful, abundant, lucky and even financially free. There are something’s that you can however do but there are a few ground rules.

  • You cannot mess with other people’s life.
  • The source should be in your heart…say dear universe, god, or whatever you choose to call it.
  • The thought has to always be this or something better
  • Be open to the universe, the universe always begins to give you small stuff so that you eventually learn to handle the big stuff.
  • Create a visual of what you want; focus on that or something that is better meant for you. The universe knows.subramania

So before piling the pebbles on Kumaradhara, just centre yourself and place your request to the universe, energize it with an open option, either this or something better.

Kukke Subramanya also seems pilgrims with skin disorders, psychosomatic disorders and fertility issues taking a pilgrimage.

Travelling to Kukke Subramanya is the easiest way is to reach Mangalore and then take a bus or a cab from there. If you want a more detail plan then check it here.

The temple authorities have provided various dharmashala to stay, so has the Karnataka tourism which is fairly okay. There families that still provide home hospitality if you come with right recommendation. If you stay at Mangalore you get more options.

You can link it with other places like Dharmasthala, Venuru, Udupi, Kudupi, Kollur and Kateel.

Welcome to my hometown have a great stay.

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