Write Rituals

Writing is tasting life twice, once when you experience it, and second time when you write the experience.
The best way to write your story is to just start writing.
Some interesting writing practices shared by Chetan Mahajan and other writers.
Endeavour to get into flow researchers suggest comes from being intrinsically motivated, one has to be non judgemental in ones writing, not worrying about the outcome and writing freely. It also helps to regularly getting feedback from peers.
Schedule a time when you are alert and write regularly.
Set a writing goal and reward yourself.
Writing and editing are separate processes, do them in alternate sessions.
Identify a place where you work best, at home, coffee shop, part etc. to this place to work.
Keeping a journal is a good idea. Interesting ideas, random conversations that we overhear can be noted. Type at handwriting speed or write by hand but not slower.
Collaborate with others.
If low energy is the issue, then focus on self care, healthy eating, regular exercise and sleep.
Use opposite hands when trying out conflicting ideas. Smile, and think sad thoughts or vice versa.
These were inputs from others like.
When I work an idea I put the central concept around it I create a mind map of ideas that I would like to use, characters and other things.
Most often I have a story that wants to be told. It has the setting and narrative, my job is to fine tune it and put in the dialogues and what Sanskrit literature calls as “sandhi” or the interlocking.
The fixing of time and geographic place helps a lot.
At the end of the day the most important is to sit down and write, no matter what…its only when the we turn on the tap, will the water flow.

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