Unblocking the Writers Block

Was the last bit we dealt with in the Himalayan writing retreat. For me it was the weakest of the session. The resource person could have respected our time and intellect a little… this is my personal opinion and need not be generic.

A writers block is a condition were where one is unable to think or what to write or how to proceed with the writing.

A google search would throw lot of helpful writing practises. Most of them are common sense and individualistic. There is only one way to write, that is sit down and write.QED

I have a deal with the universe, I take care of the quantity and the quality control is left to the universe. Unfortunately I have found a comfort zone in blogging and writing short stories. Despite of winning three NaNoWrMo I have not gone to the second draft.

There activities that trigger and help us connect with our creativity. Journaling is one of them. At the Advanced Writers workshop hosted by Fundacao Oriente we discovered that most of us, had small notebooks that we noted our ideas down in. These days people are more tech-savvy. A blogger who blogs at Keeya1 and Frederick Noronha have small recorders where they voice their ideas as they pop up.

At the Himalayan Writing Retreat Mr.Mahajan shared an writing tool. We had to centre ourselves and write down whatever came up for the next twenty minutes. Most of us came up with interesting narratives.

when I am stuck I get away from my desk. I attempt an alternate activity like taking a walk, having a bath or a nap. Quite few times mundane activities like doing dishes throws up ideas and thoughts.. However I turn the telephone off, and I essentially do not socialize this stops others words from infringing into my territory.

There are times when I walk into the supermarket, just to watch people. As people check out, from the stuff they have in their baskets, I imagine their home and lifestyle. Restaurants are great places too I tune into random words that float, it is about opening a gap and creating space.

I am like an assassin, I sit everyday 5.30 am to 7.30 am to write. If you think I am waiting for the muse to show up, well, I am not. I have gotten into the habit of writing everyday so when the muse shows up I have maximum chance of catching her, bashing her on the head and straining every drop in every permutation and combination.

What I have seen in my patients both medical and hypnotherapy is blocks is usually about psychological problem. There is an underlying fear of being judged. Again in my own case I am very creative as long as I do not realize that the world is watching, this holds good for my multitasking, organizing or what ever I do. The minute I realize that someone is listening then I find it very difficult to write.writer-at-work.jpg

Writing is like breathing, one could do it well but the point is to do it no matter what. Glue the Gluteus Maximus on to the chair and pour those words out. No spell checks, no grammar checks, no editing. Once the writing is done you can ponder how to deal with it next.

If you would like to work with your creative blocks, or understand your own creative source, do send me an email






6 responses to “Unblocking the Writers Block”

  1. Atulmaharaj Avatar

    Whenever I’m in that position, I usually browse some photos or videos that I’ve taken and more often than not, it gives me the ignition required.

    1. parwatisingari Avatar

      Each of us have our own method to deal with it, as long as we want to deal.

  2. Jheelam Avatar

    Himalayan Writing Retreat sounds heavenly to my (aspiring writer’s)ears. Must’ve been an unforgettable experience surrounding one’s self with those, who are in love of weaving words and doing it better, each day at a time.

    1. parwatisingari Avatar

      sure, you should try it. connect with chetan, I have his link in a previous blog.

      1. Jheelam Avatar

        Thank you. Off to dig out the link.

      2. parwatisingari Avatar

        It is on my featured list, I have not linked this because I have pointed a short coming which is not really nice.

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