Why I am not an motivational speaker.

With the thunderstorm and pouring rain, like all respectable residents of the Mango meadows I am nursing my Robusta. How wonderful the aroma is and the annoyingly familiar flavour is comforting and irritating at the same time. The familiarity is comforting, and the fact that I find familiarity comforting is annoying. My belief system tells me that I am stagnating in a comfort zone not wanting to face the unknown and the adventure.
What the hell I have done my share of Lara Croft now it is time for the baccha brigade to take over. With these argumentative soliloquy going uninterrupted I was all set to pour the second Robusta.
“Ma’m I got coffee for you.” It was the lovely Priya from the table 9 of the dedicated space at 91 springboard. Free lancing as a HR personal don’t ask me what it meant.
“why my mother can’t be like you?” she demanded. Probably the right answer is well our ancestry is different, again that is not true after all we have all lost our tails somewhere.
When I meet the Charlie fellow you the Charles Darwin I think I should get this long standing doubt cleared, if humans evolved from monkeys, was it from a single monkey or a family of monkey’s or monkeys of individual continent mutated to humans. Actually the imagery is wonderful, imagine the great God telling the tailed whatever the scientific name of the ape…”sacrifice your tail and dinosaur will stop bothering you.” So the monkey’s round the world solemnly gather by whatever they consider the power cut their tail and toss at the dinosaur.
Unable to bear the stench the dinosaur drops dead and hey presto the world is free of “pedambhoota” the kannada name for dinosaur. Hmm interesting idea shall set it aside for the next musing. Currently it is time to return to the whatever Priya was saying.
I must have made the appropriate responses, for she was saying
“You know ma’m I feel good talking to you. You should write a motivational book.”
My look must have been incredulous, she thought I was being humble. But only Uriah Heep can be humble, I bumble royally. So I gave her a coy, ”thank you I’m flattered kind of smile. ”
Few days back it Sammy from Manchi falls Rotary club, asking me to give a, ”motivational talk.”
here is where I get flummoxed. Poets write ode’s and sonnets inspired by flowers, some one by some’s tresses… you get where I am going. There is no telling what would inspire anyone.
Let me take you back to the days of my innocence or in-no-sense you can call it either way. The movie Safari inspired us to go on hunt. We of course had no jeeps and horses like the movie crew. Equipped with our wonderful innovation and imagination, our bicyles morphed to the horses, jeeps or whatever called our fancy. We lassoed the wandering pigs for we knew in our minds eye, they were rhinoceros pretending to be pigs..
The profound motivation for this was it allowed us to escape the mundane called homework. The thrill of open spaces, the adrenaline of adventure. Can you imagine the heavenly feeling? we could eat without having to scrub our hands, we didn’t have to clean up after dinner for there was no dinning table. What joy.
While the gang of Anupa-Gita-Shantu-Krishna-Sundar-Yours sincerely engaged in such highly dangerous activity, there was Jaya-Sushma-Hema-Rema who were inspired by the movie but motivated by the need to keep their Gluteus Maximus safe kept them grounded and chained to school work.
Being up on that podium, delivering a well crafted speech. Being paid in cash, kind and adulation is all fine. At the end of the day inspiration and motivation are personal. What ignites my arse may not work on your Gluteus Maximus.
The only thing were another person can help is with a plan of action, after the ignition is turned and combustion has begun.

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