The Toykin

The terrible toy eating

Toykin is here.

Ten pairs of green fleet,

Crawling down the Fleet Street.

Eyes like a cluster of mustard seeds

Tails with shiny crystal beads.

Tip toeing, sneaking and peaking.

Toykins comes from Toyland,

It’s the strewn toys he cannot stand,

To the forgotten toys he lends a hand.

Quick, let’s pick them up, let’s put them in

Right into the toy bin,

Before the Toykin steps in.

Sometimes the toy fairy sends

The toy eating Toyton

She is like her cousin the snail,

A house between her head and tail.

No legs but she has a sensor

The toys strewn or broken

Toys that no one has taken,

She sweeps them,

She keeps them

She hugs them

She lugs them.

Quick and quicker lets

Gather and stack

All our toys right back to the rack.

Well Anita, I am sorry I could not really think of profound subjects like truth and trust. This was a poem I wrote for my daughter so that she would clean the room. I even had a poster of the Toykin and Toyton.

She never liked the poem, it scared her, so it went right out of my Tee kit and it did not come out for Jenny. I am still cleaning the mess after Jenny, I wish I had let the Toykin and Toyton out on her it would have made my life calmer.

written for Indispire edition 227 prompt by Anitha


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