A stranger in my head

Going to Mango meadows is basically about meeting some familiar faces. It reinforces the awareness that one is technically alive.

Most people have secret journals,  then there people who purposefully stomp with their multihued “Yoga” or “cargo” pants and earphones in place down the  “ratha beedhi” the car street for the pedestrian street which is popularly called footpath or kerb is left free for the piddlers and peddlers.

But I have  been adequately trained by grandma Parwati the rule is when you can sit don’t stand, when you can lie down don’t sit, when you can sleep don’t lie down just sleep it off. I sit down  to have a mundane conversation with the universe, this I discover is a very interesting platform  like the one that is created for a performance or vehicles to park as people disembark.  I get strange visitors.

Sometime back it was this weird woman who had roots from her gluteus maximus and she had birds and bees nesting on her. The last two days was the snake woman. But lurking behind all these people is a person.

I gather the name is Advait…

I am trying to ferret out the gender, the full name, age and other details. How I would love this person to be a woman, pint size feisty. Finally this morning Advait manifested during the whispering, very clearly the person is Advait… Advait Pai-Deshpande, he got offended when I put Deshpande first and vanished when I tried to turn Advait to Advaita. Now that is really interesting.

Pai-Deshpande how pompous.. sounds like Aaradhya Rai-Bacchan or Azad Rao-Khan I wonder which one goes first this calls for research. I can understand Mr.Not-Weatherbee-Advait-Pai-Deshpande’s stand on being addressed so. Given the modern nomenclature his names might just under go what we call in Kannada as “lopa sandhi” and turn into Paipande or Deshpie  like Virushka or DeepVeer.

The Lopa-Sandhi Syndrome is a recent disorder if he is old then I guess he will go with staying pompous. But how old is old? My three and half year granddaughter gave me an absolutely contemptuous look and explained that any one over nineteen was “old” and ajji was “old-old”  while my seventy five year old mother says “old age is over ninety ” I confused do I go old wisdom or do I go with new insights, or do I just do the math and say “My age+15yrs”

He looks like Mr.Weatherbee from the Archie comic series, except that he has been gyming. He is balding more like Mr.Weatherbee and less like R.K.Lakshman’s common man.  He is clad in a suit and bestowing a malignantly benign smile get what I mean…advait deshpande I wondered why he was not contemporary wearing those cargo shorts or “sanskari” and wear Kurta-Pyjamas I mean who wears a suit and tie at 5 A.M?

What next? This is an invite to all if you have any inputs about Mr.Advait Pai-Deshpande please enlighten by writing it in the comment box.

I am really curious to know more about this person and why would he manifest in my conversations with the universe….

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