With Grace.

Women’s Web and Naturals salon invite blogpost on natural beauties..

In the tradition of the mango meadows I wanted my article to be concise and comprehensive; in case we have to go by a word count I would replace the concise and comprehensive with a single word compendious. Not bad it does sound quite Tharoorish… or do I say Tharoori.?

Being compendious I shall not deviate to this theory floated by a eminent feminist whose name I have forgotten, she claims that after wars Merlyn Monroe kind of voluptuous figures became popular since it meant a more estrogens, and that meant increased fertility which was essential to make up for the  loss of human lives. As the population replenished itself apparently Jackie Kennedy with her more androgynous appearance became the icon of beauty.

I am in the BC stage, so I am still trying to figure what beauty means. If one is compendious then one has to know what the word means.  Beauty Merriam-Webster declares is the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind. Like the loveliness of a woman of great physical beauty. It could also be a beautiful person or thing. A particularly graceful, ornamental or excellent quality is also referred to as a beauty. A brilliant extreme or egregious example or instance is also referred to as a beauty for example the pimple on the dimple of the ant’s left bum it is a beauty.

It is now AC time, so I am planning to write about beauty, in the eye of the beholder how it was the not aesthetic donkey that Christ rode into the town of Bethlehem and not a horse. Sounds good and all what is the word I am looking for esoteric? But being exposed to various levels of intellectual saturation, Women’s Web has become cautious and compendious, they want to share or rather tell the story of a woman who I admire and consider a true beauty.

I go with the concept of beauty being the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind… I believe every woman has TRUE BEAUTY within her in all the roles she plays. For over 18 years across 650 plus salons across the country, Naturals has been helping the Beautiful Indian Woman get more Beautiful. To the physical beauty add the quality of graciousness. It brings forth the image of an elegant lady in an impeccable suit skirt and string of pearl her hair knotted into a neat chignon at the nape of the neck, a smile that lights the face and has the intrinsic calm. Like the Greeks and Romans for me graciousness is the compendious word for charm, good humour and beauty. Of course this is a divine gift. The Judaism version is also is not bad, here gracious means to be affection, merciful and compassionate. My vision of the perfect Natural beauty is completechikks

Yes Lo..Behold …I smile, the first name that pops us is my beautiful aunt, Ms.Meena Agarwal.  To me she is the icon, replace the suit skirt with saris she rocks, an IIT and IIM Alumnus way back in the late seventies and early eighties, and currently she heads the National institute of Financial Management. Somewhere she has found the balance. Her story is simple it is being about Gracious and going that one extra step to make the other comfortable. From climbing trees, to riding bikes. to adventure travelling I learnt it all from her. My first P.G.Wodehouse, my first Agatha Christie, the world of cowboys and wild west she opened that portal for me.Now Arundati Roy and Shashi Tharoor again I discovered through her. I have yet to hear her pat herself or go the morning Myrtle way. She definitely is not your “fair and lovely” she is the more exotic “sharadavadhu” from Kalidasa the hue of the golden winter harvest.  Sparkling eyes that light up when she smiles. The lingering fragrance when leaves the room.

rekha hande
Rekha Hande, Miss India 1982

If  Aunt Meena is graciously gracious, Cousin Rekha is another. This was the time when her father Wing Commander Parameshwar Hande was battling cancer. Rekha Hande, Miss India 1982, she was a single mother bringing up two boys who were throwing growing tantrums. Three Lakme saloons to manage she was also their brand ambassador, between this she would be with father organize two bottles of blood stay up the night taking care of him till her mother relieved her in the morning. Organizing even a single bottle of blood is so difficult and Rekha had to manage two bottles a day for almost two months. I have not seen her give up, never was there a “why me refrain.”  “When things went well I did not ask why me so I have no right to ask it now” was her logic. Amazingly beautiful  and like I said gracious person.

Every woman has the capacity to tap any strength she requires. This strengthen then manifests through our physical body, giving us the aura the persona that renders us pleasing, comforting or inspiring  to the senses and minds. Little physical grooming enhances this natural beauty.

Today Naturals Salutes the Beautiful Indian Woman.

Presenting Naturals TRUE BEAUTY… http://bit.ly/naturalsOF

My salutation to Naturals that allows empowers this manifestation by providing a means of economic growth. Still more I am humbled to be part of the women’s web sorority of gracious, empowered unabashedly feminine tribe.



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