Of Itches and Etches.

I am awaiting my train on platform 2 of Madgaon konkan railway. It is quite frustrating to coordinate the trains arrival departure. It could be a great idea to get into whichever train that comes instead of rotting on the station.
It’s quite frustrating. Part of me, wants to snooze, but part of me worries that I might miss the train. Part of me wants to read, part of me wants wander. By default to go a skill learnt at college. Which is listening to the announcements made by the staff, while the eyes roves to devour interesting sights, while the fingers drum the beats of a restless soul.
we who are schooled in the municipal school and then graduated from the medical college are strangely endowed with this unique skill of being in two places at the same time. for example we could be at the Anatomy lecture by Prof.Pink Panther (swear to god I forgotten his name. Though his wife taught us pathology and I think her name was Sudha) and the ride the wild horses on the rocky terrain of Manipal those days the HUDCO colony had not come up. So it was expanse of rocky terrain till the horizon. We also had the unique talent of scribbling the sounds that emerged from the cacophony of sounds that came out as the output of an orchestra of the vocal cords tongue, palate, and brain and at the same time allow for the flow of images that floated in and out, of the mind’s eye.
Of in today’s world of super-specialization one might argue that the images floating in the mind’s eye follow the visual pathway, while the cacophony of words of the reigning faculty of the reigning subject followed the audio pathway. The crux of the matter of the both outputs had to be recorded by single tool that obeyed the command of the brain to turn into a motor activity called writing. This situation did cause quite a bit of conflicting interest.
As I gaze around the lone coconut tree catches my attention. The innate striations of the coconut tree of course are there, along with that I thought I discovered hidden documents of ancient civilization, but it turned out be, a combination of etching, doodles, and graffiti.
imagine this person, who like me is waiting beneath the tree, and we all know that waiting under the tree has dangerous effects, ask the Buddha he got enlightened and Newton understood gravity, so this person gets an epiphany.” life happens as I am waiting” waiting for the right moment, waiting to wear new clothes, waiting for something or the other, it must be a mighty frustrating moment. But he has to wait. The cold, of boredom takes over, the mind goes numb, not into noddy land but to this state of inertia. The only way is to pump up the adrenaline.
Adrenaline can be pumped by excitement, what more exciting than breaking the law. But most of us are by default law abiding. So we take the cheat way out, and etch on the wall, vent our frustration, share our knowledge and declare emotions, for all to see. The image, the words, they get transmitted on to the hands and the hands move on their own accord so though in a trance.
To itch is human and everyone knows to scratch is divine but to scratch on walls is a existential need, else people go crazy.
This was to have been my WOW entry

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