Eating Out @Manipal -Madhura Place

There occasions and events that  every member of the mango meadows knows how to skip. Then there times one needs to lick ones wounds, like the Tommy—Sheroo—or whatever the canine  the feline next door lives with. Now this is a million dinar (I presume dinars are more expensive than dollars.) question as why do people talk to their canine’s in English and why are the T-shirt legends in English. But coming back, one needs to rejuvenate, repair and heal.

So like every self respecting individual who grew up with Nirupa Roy as mother-model, I trotted down to the umbilical source. And guess Mom, was celebrating a very belated birthday of the very person who deals with umbilical cords and more.  It was Kasturi Auntie’s before next year birthday bash.

If I were to write an ode/sonnet or whatever the poetry that poets of repute are to write I doubt if I could go beyond, ”thank you for existing.”   It’s another blog anyway.

We have this tradition celebrating my mom’s birthday and her friends, it’s more of a gratitude lunch. We go to the newest available restaurant.

This time round it was the Madhura Place.

On the road from the syndicate circle to the DC’s office it is a very understated exterior. With a garden restaurant on one side and air-conditioned restaurant on the other. The isthmus houses the chaat and pavbhaji vendor.

Fortunately there was no blaring, chest thumping music. The after strains were soft and the staff not pushy. I think there were kind of petrified of three commanding women in their seventies, one docile man and a confused me, and totally in charge daughter of mine.

We started the lunch with Mojito’s which well were nothing much to write home about. But the soup, we tried vegetable soup and mushroom one were pretty good. The starters, masala papad, and the paneer theeka, was generous both with spices and portion.

For the main course we ordered assorted roti’s daal, bhindi fry, and kaju masala.

What we liked was that each of these of course the generous portion.

The Bhindi in the bhindi fry was recognizable, cut lengthwise.

The Khaju curry was cashew nuts in a korma gravy.

Roti’s were passable.

By mutual consent we skipped the dessert.

Overall, a good place pleasant eating experience . pricing is reasonable, approximately around 300/per person.







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