Some Facts about Driving Licenses.

one of those amazing days of life when you realize hey you are really nonexistent.

It was almost as in she had to kind of die inside to rise from her own ashes… she needed to believe in herself and love herself to become a new person. the process was rather tough. After living in the dark for so long coming out to the sun wasn’t a breeze. Though there was a up rush of relief, there was profound sense of dislocation. The old beliefs and the ways of working were either buried or were dying. The new ones were just hatching not strong enough to be operational. It’s like death of sorts with no resurrection is possible. But come on, it is Easter, so let’s look at resurrection.

To say one is alive a whole lot of cards are required. The passport, the pan card, the drivers license the votes ID and god knows what else. Putting the house in order requires putting all these documents in place.

Here is a basic check list for getting the driving license

  • Age proof – any of these would work
    • Birth certificate
    • PAN card
    • Passport
    • 10th class mark sheet
    • TC from any school for any class with the date of birth printed on it.
  • Proof of address:
    • Passport
    • Aadhar card
    • Self –owned house agreement.
    • LIC bon
    • Voter ID card
    • Ration card.
    • Current proof of address could be anyone of the following.
      • Rental agreement and electricity bill.

Rental agreement and LPG bill.

Other Documents Required

  • Filled application form – this is available either with the RTO or online portal for the state.
  • 6 passport size photographs—for learners license
  • 1 passport size photograph — for driving license.
  • Medical certificate — by licensed government doctor,( Form 1A and 1.)

Doing this online is very simple  follow this link…Sarathi services.fill the form and submit at the nearest RTO. Once the filled document is uploaded along with required documents, a web number will be generatedthis can be used to track the status of the application. Once the application has been processed a notification will be sent via SMS. The validity of the license is either for 20yrs or till the age of 50 which ever first. After which it has to renewed. And over the age of 50 renewal has to happen every 5yrs.

A license is extremely necessary for it identifies you as a responsible driver. It is also your personal ID, and helps easy identification in the case of accidents.

The modification of MV act 206 empowers the police to suspend the license under these conditions:

  • Overspeeding
  • Dangerous driving
  • Racing on public roads
  • Triple ridding.
  • Riding without a helmet.
  • Not giving way to ambulance.
  • Driving a modified car or bike.
  • Signal jumping
  • Not wearing a seat belt.

the suspensions can happen either through a court challan or a regular challan. The court challan is given if the offence is drunken driving. The driver has to surrender the license on the spot to the police. The officer gives a receipt to the offender who then has to present himself to the court with challan and a legal hearing happens which decides the penalty

if the officer just gives a regular challan, then it an warning. After three warning, the license gets suspended for 6months. Any offence after that leads to the permanent cancellation of the license. The suspension period is documented with RTO so the person cannot apply for a duplicate license. The Indian law uses cumulative point systems, violation of traffic signals, using vehicles without registration, or triple ride on a two wheeler could invite 3 negative points. Twelve points on the licence makes the driver liable for cancellation/suspension of the license for up to 5yrs.

However from Oct.1st 2019 the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.(MoRTH) has unified the driving licence and vehicle registrations norm. This means every license or registration across all the states will have the same appearance, security and QR code so that keeps the record of the driver’s data and penalties for 10yrs.

The reverse side of the card will have emergency contact number and mention of any modification done to the vehicles for different able people. This will help to keep track of the drivers, particularly if they are offenders.

citizen journalist
image courtesy internet

The vehicle registration card will embody the fuel type and emission details, in front along with the owner’s details. 

The vehicle registration card will also have a similar format with the chip being on the front side and the QR Code being on the reverse side. Upfront, the registration card will embody the fuel type and emission details of the vehicle along with the owner’s details. The reverse side will feature details of the registered vehicle.


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