Refusing the Laurel’s Wreath On Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day
With all that hype about Mother’s Day… I would really loved someone sharing the play “Thai Retire… whatever” but the Magna Mater rules the world.
A very spiritually inclined acquaintance shared a sermon by some Bramhachari Lynne … I do not know who this Bramhachari Lynne is and I frankly could not care less. It was the content that bothered me.
For eternity I have wondered where this sacrificing mother came from. I still do not know the answer.
Some where Kapila Samhita is probably responsible. It states that there are two paths to self realization. The Bhakti marga which is unconditional love like the one of mother while Jnana marga inquires. The jnana marga seeks knowledge and with knowledge there could be arrogance.
The prototype of the sacrificing mother, is so romantic and assuring. Soundarya Lahiri “shakti alone creates and shakti alone destroys.” the female energy has the potential to create and to destroy.
Mothers in many animal species let the young one learn by taking risks. Of course till she is assured of its proficiency she does hover to protect. In many species the mother lets the young one to perish if it does not have survival skills.
Mother’s unconditional acceptance can be called the maternal love. She nurtures, again unconditionally but the key is till the young one is capable of surviving on its own.
Survival is our primordial instinct. From the mother comes the food, sleep aspects of survival. The element that allows us to survive and one that eliminates us.

what happens when a mother sacrifices?

· On the primitive consciousness level.

o The child does not learn survival skills.
o The child endangers the tribe with its lack of knowledge.

· On a mundane everyday level:

o The child takes things for granted is not able to fend for himself.
o The child does not become an adult.

· On a metaphysical plane.

o The child incurs a karmic debt.
As long as the mother allows the child to learn survival, there is no debt incurred. But when it is beyond that then the Karmic account opens. Quite often the mother’s behavior comes from peer beliefs and pressures.. I have heard kids tell their mother we did not ask for the sacrifice, the choice to sacrifice was yours so don’t hold us to account. Fair enough.
Calling the Father aspect of God as justice, law and Karma makes no sense either. For Law and Justice are situational. What is right in here and now may not be right in another context. As far as Karma goes, it straight action and reaction every kriya does bring a Karmic effect. The Karmic fall out could either be pleasant, or unpleasant. We can choose to gracefully carry the debt or do it reluctantly gathering more repercussion.
Karma is not an account, it is finding the balance. While the divine is something that inspires, guides and allows us find the balance. As we accept ourselves and the others we discover the divinity within. Each discovery is about become part of the divine.
When we seek to deliberately be kind or merciful we are tending towards, coming from a place of hierarchy. If we can accept with no judgement, then that would be divine.
If nurturing a child is humongous responsibility. To provide and protect is also equally important. Again until the child can provide and protect itself. If each us could accept ourselves and the other just the way they are then there would be balance and harmony.
Of course balance does not mean absence of the other. If there is light there has to be dark.
We are all combination of the nurturer and the protector. We just manifest whatever is the requirement of the moment.

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