World Left-Handers Day

August 13th the world left handers day.

I had a session with Mr.Rajesh Singh of HappinessSoulutions after the age regression was over I suddenly realized I was back to using my left hand it was so empowering. After years of trying to conform to the world’s righteous right-handedness.  I remember people asking me,”are you really left handed” the answer that I wanted to blurt was,

lefthand feature
image courtesy internet

“No, I’ve just been pretending to use my left hand my entire life, simply because I enjoy being sliced up by working the scissor improperly” well my story was my entire life was about pretending not use my left hand because I wanted to be accepted, and this resulting in my injuring myself.

Somewhere the perception began to change and being left-handed made you a wonder. Frankly fashionable or not, being left-handed automatically makes a person special. Think about it, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, etc. Were lefties of course the group of individuals is too small to qualify a scientific authentication.  Many eminent literary people are also left-handed off the rack, Leonardo DI vinci, Michelangelo, Mark Twain, Christian Anderson, etc. Etc. For the feminists who feel just a Madam Curie is inadequate, then rest assure enough women geniuses are left-handed like Janis-Jupin and of course yours sincerely.

So take care all you South Paws… Here is my last year’s South Paw Eulogy.



3 Replies to “World Left-Handers Day”

  1. There is this misconception that’s so deeply rooted. I know a friend of mine whose nursery teacher hit her every time she wrote with her left hand. Inevitably, she turned into a right-hander. 😦

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