When Journaling looses charm

I am sitting at Mango meadows sipping my coffee between patients. Sometimes it is quite an insight. this morning I had a patient who has messed up his life for the past 40yrs and wants a cure in 40mnts.

I realize we are so comfortable in the default habits that we have created for ourselves we do not want to learn or look at new ones. It takes effort. Usually I ask my patients to write three pages in the morning without channelizing the thoughts let the words visit you, maybe you will connect with the sounds maybe you will also connect with various smells and he presto you are connecting with your inner self and patterns of self sabotage, emerge.

There are those patients to whom this seems mission impossible so I tell them wake up in the morning and write three things that you are grateful for. It is quite strange there is a huge reluctance to do it. As the patient comes for the next appointment after a week, I have tweaked this I give me a sheet asking them to begin their day with 3 things that they are grateful for.

That kinds of does not feeling overwhelming. Once people begin the gratitude with sincerity it is like a love story. A whole lot of romance, a period of happiness and things just seem to flow. There is also a high levels of energy that makes us very vibrant. Like the hot, steamy and effortless flow of the early romance. We begin to notice all the good things that we have been taking for granted. We see our patterns of self sabotage our, chronic negative self talk. The pessimist seem to go on a holiday.

After a while the honeymoon is over, there is nothing new,  we reach a state of what the heck if I am writing a thank you for the roof on my head and one friction free day with my spouse then what is the point. It is like what the hell, there is something wrong somewhere. Maybe I am not doing it right. Or there are also people who go into the space this is all life has for me, repetitive and pointless, the emotional high wears out. Believe me most of us have been there.

What I figured is a way to sustain the practice of gratitude.. is to be very specific.

Specific appreciation + genuine feeling = long-term gratitude practise success…for example

  1. I am grateful to Joseph for getting me the petrol in a can it saved me pushing my scooter for 3kms.
  2. I am grateful that I had enough balance to pay WordPress, it allowed to retain my self-worth. It helped me shift to a place of abundance.
  3. I am grateful to Dr. GRK for the invite for girls evening out it allowed me some time to unwind.

These things what is that we are grateful and that feeling that got awakened in us.  the next thing I tell them is write 3 actions that you are committed to take for the day. And emotional charge it gives. Sometimes even create the task charge which really a great sense of self worth and abundance.

Another tweaking that I often recommend is since our life is to focus on one area. Our lives are about balance and manifesting power, freedom, love and fun, then we focus on specific areas. if body is the issue. One simple tweak that alters a repetitive gratitude into something more specific is to pick a particular quality or an experience isolate what made it so great. Or even if it is downer what was the insight you gained.

Being specific allows us the body, mind and emotions.

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