Pondering Over yayati.

Storytellers and psychologists have explored the rivalry of a child with the same sex parent.

In the Indian context we have some very interesting examples  Dr.Devdutt Pattnaik likes to call it a reverse Oedipus complex where the father makes a demand of the son. Somehow there are some interesting patterns here. Let us look at the common examples cited, like Dasharatha- Rama, Yayati- Puru, or Shantanu – Devavrata

If we look at it, each case it could be maintaining the Alfa of the pack. Eliminating competition in a socially acceptable format. Of course the patriarch does away with blame by citing something or someone else as cause.

  • Rama, is exiled by the demand of his stepmother kaikeyi, everybody discreetly keeps quiet about the fact that to marry her Dasharatha had promised her father that her son would be king.
  • Yayati is cursed by his father-in-law looks for someone to take his curse on. now this is probably the only place where the characters take the onus of their actions. Still somewhere I think Yayati still wanting power accepts his sons sacrifice while for son it is about legitimacy. From the Asura lineage which is was not acceptable in the more powerful Arya culture, he gets a legitimate entry into the Aryan power pack.
  • Finally coming to Shantanu again we are looking at Sathyavathi asking for her sons to be successor. Interestingly Shantanu does not refuse his son’s sacrifice. Even more interesting is the fact that despite of not being on the throne Devavrata is the actual power behind the throne until Shakuni enters the space. Impressed by Devavrata’s sacrifice he gets the title of Bhishma.
  • There is another unacknowledged tale in the Ramayana, where Sita is discarded by Mandodari for she was destined to bring the downfall of her father.

These are random thoughts that emerged in my space I really welcome your inputs and ideas.

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