Kaapi kathe- Malabar Monsooned Coffee

The Monsooned Malbar coffee

Let’s take the coffee pledge for the coffee workers.

Centuries ago when coffee beans were transported to Europe in ships, six months of travel caused an amazing transformation to the seeds. The monsoon caused the beans to swell and change colour, it acquired an intensely mellow flavour. Now this magic is recreated by monsooning the seeds.

The process is very simple, the cherry coffee is selected and sundried, these are cured and sorted. These are then sorted in warehouse. The beans are exposed to the monsoon moisture laden winds from June- September for about 12-16 weeks. During this period the beans are periodically raked, spread and turned. Both Malbar Robusta and Malbar Arabica are used.

This makes the beans golden brown, swollen and has a mellow taste.

Flavour is Musty, chocolaty aroma with notes of spice and nuts.

The coffee board recommends this brew in a cafeteria or filter machine as an after dinner coffee.

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