Coffee-Doodle-Do On a Quest for Araku Coffee

vital aspect of the ritual of waking up, the cup of coffee, with my first cup of coffee, I pray, its a silent prayer sung while the mind is still foggy and blue,”O Magic cup,” it goes,”carry me above the traffic jam. Keep me civil in the subway.And forgive employer as you forgive me.Amen”—by the way I learnt this prayer from Stewart Lee Allen and believe me now I am truly set to face the house

Tucked about 111km away from Vishakhapatnam almost bordering Odisha is the Araku coffee terrain. It is also home to exotic colourful parrots particularly the green and red.

Coffee was introduced here or rather to the eastern Ghats by the British in 1898.  1956 the coffee board of India took it on and provided sustainable alternative livelihood to the tribal’s while creating an entirely rich biodiversity.

The coffees produced here are unique with its, medium body, medium to bright acidity with citrus flavour. The flavour is complex, with intense aroma and a spicy tinge.

The bean grown here is majorly Arabica though Native Araku coffee does grow Robusta too.

  1. Chocolate Arak which is the signature product. It is spice and herbaceous in aroma.
  2. Microclimate is more sugary, the bitterness is just a hint. The coffee flavour in itself is very smooth and rich.

    araku valley
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  3. First harvest as the name suggests is made of the season’s first berries. It is light bodied but heavy in aroma.
  4. High altitude the cherries are ripened slowly. This makes the flavours complex, stronger and the roasting is light which gives the coffee its distinct spice aroma.
  5. Grande reserve balance between the fullness and intensity is found. It blends berry citrus, and spices, Carmel, vanilla


To find the right Araku for you take the coffee quiz. 


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