Reviving Rangoli — Man On a Mission.

A lean bifocal gentleman would stride. Give a gentle smile.  I have vague memories of this man running an art school. I could be mistaken but he remains strongly in my memory as “Rangoli Bayiri.” This is just sharing a few things I remember him telling me. Few things that I picked along the way.

Born in 1912 in the Bayiri family of Barkur, he was named Parameshwara. He was officially known as B.P.Bayiri an popular as rangoli-bayru. His goal was revival of the folk rangoli.  He was a diploma holder in painting from the then Madras government. He began his journey as the lone art teach for the board high schools in Mulki, Udupi and Kundapura.

Bayiri sir was fluent in Kannada, English and Sanskrit, research and propagation of the art of Rangoli was his mission in life. the chitrakoota art academy at Udupi was founded by him.

The honour of bringing Rangoli to the world art for goes squarely to him. Various institutions and communities have honoured him to recognize his contribution to Rangoli, and the cultural milieu of Udupi.  1982 he was honoured by the Lolita kala academy award.

“the art of rangoli is perishing with our lack of interest and ignorance. When the media begins to talk and share about it, there is an interest created in it.”

Mr.Bayiri’s knowledge bank emerges from his various travels, talking and gathering knowledge from people. He shared the knowledge that he gathered with his dedication without holding back. He acknowledged knowledge sharers too. I shall share them as and when I remember or come across them. Lot of knowledge has been buried with the people who had them.

Of course popular Kannada media like Prajavani, and Udayavani helped Mr.Bayiri in his mission.

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