Insights on Tick Tock Day

Yesterday was TICK TOCK day, before you gallant young’uns and your parents start celebrating the birthday day of tik-tok on whatsApp it this is a day for us to go through the check list of the year. complete the businesses we meant to complete so on and so forth.

Me being the Tardy Jane I think it is a mite too short a time to do any serious financial business and as for charity I firmly believe that it happen at home.  Hmm the medical plan needs to be thought over. Funds the check list seems endless. Over that the idea is we share it over social media. Well, well, it’s like washing dirty laundry in public. Does one really want to do it?

It’s about time running out, again we are working from a space of time being linear and also from a space of lack.  So now what….

Once upon a time we made New Year resolutions, and then bet on who would break it. I mean the very purpose of those resolutions seem to be to break them. Yet going through the check list is like confirming the fact that I am a looser.

This time I decided to look at things a mite differently, something like how can I add to the quality of my life, using the new year as a marker.

My sister Ahalya came up with a template, list all that you have kept pending put a time and date to it and go about achieving it. Well that seems a good thing to do. But the last time I did it was a disaster, I realized it was because it was too overwhelming.

Maybe one step at a time is a good idea.

So this TICK TOCK day  I begin a little differently.

Let me first thank the universe for the things that I am grateful for:

  1. The good health that my family and I enjoyed.
  2. I thank the universe for the resources that helped me conduct my first level 1 workshop.
  3. I thank the universe for letting me be the space for people who wanted to find resolutions.
  4. I thank the universe for reminding me of the heritage that is mine and the opportunity to share it.
  5. I thank the universe for the family time that I

What would have made the year better. Maybe more inflow of finance. Better balancing of the four pillars of my life.

That brings me on what is my commitment for this year. here are the steps for me

  1. List what would have made the better for me in the year gone.
  2. What would make life great for me in the year to come.
  3. What are the resources I have to achieve them.
  4. What are the resources I need and how can I get the resource?

I drop and dissolve

  1. any emotion that does not let me be who I am.
  2. the need to prove myself constantly.
  3. the need to judge others.

I affirm: that I shall go with  the flow of things, and accept the wisdom of the universe.

Harnessing those resources would be my commitment to myself.   It begins with creating a personal calendar with placing my order for a planner at and the journey begins till the next TICK TOCK DAY.

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