Green Amaranths Vada.

Pachche harive vade.

The  lockdown has caused a dwindling pantry and a dwindling pantry meals improvising on recipe’s. The kallina-patrode or spicy colocasia roast has always been a favourite of mine. Given my health and pantry conditions it is impossible to make it. Yesterday I saw pacche-harive, or rajgira or dhave-bhaji as it is called in Konkani.

I tweaked the pathrode recipe

24 -30 broad pacche harive leaves.(Amaranths)

¼ cup   togaribele   (split pigeon pea)

¼ cup   rice.

1 tbsp  tamarind water

1 ½  tsp. Of chilli powder

1 ½ tsp. Jaggery.

Salt to taste.

Soak the rice and lentil for about 4hrs. I usually keep it over night.

Grind together all the ingredients except the harive leaves.

Wash the leaves and snip the stalk off.

Place a leaf apply the ground paste on it place another leaf. 3- 4 leaves can be  layered per piece. Then roll this tightly into a cylindrical shape.

Repeat till all the leaves are over. about 5-6 cylinders can be made with the above proportions.pathrode

Steam these rolls for 10mnts. Serve hot with butter.

The left over rolls can be sliced and roasted on the skillet

Preparation time 5hrs.

Making time 30mnts.

I realized I need to learn food photography.

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