The ideal student — Viveka Chudamani.

Just there is an ideal teacher here is an ideal student who is qualified to receive the knowledge.

Adhikara namasaste phalasiddirvirsesatah

Upaya desakaladyah santyasminsaha karih – 6-14

The ultimate quest of a spiritual endeavour depends on the quality of the seeker, the role of the time and place is but secondary.

The word adhikari is often misinterpreted, this is not about birth or money, the adhikari or eligible adept here, will progress because he knows and recognizes and woks his blocks.

A person could be mechanically practising yoga, pranayama and doing external rituals will succeed in this journey, and how great the master is also not relevant to the adept’s journey. What is important is the adept’s willingness to work with his blocks. If the adept is not willing to work with his blocks his journey then remains untraversed.

Ato vicharah kartavya jijnasoratamavastunah

Samasadya dayasindhum gurum brahmaviduttam 6-15

If one were to seek the knowledge of the self then one should learn to enquire and meditate under the guidance of a guru. The guru should a person who has experienced the self and he should be a person of infinite kindness.

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