Viveka Chudamani The teacher and the Adept.

Viveka chudamani. (8-7)

Last week at the Drepung Loseling Monastery we practised compassion. The concept was to view our thoughts and actions, without judgement or attachment. This is very close to Yogarudha, mentioned in the Bhagwat Gita. A state where a person is not attached either to the objects, or to the action. This is also a state where the person has renounced all thoughts.

Renounced thoughts, is quite incomprehensible. Being thoughtless (pun unintended) is also scary. But the flow here is not being without thought but accepting the impermanence of thought. It is a thought and it can be changed. So what makes the thought so powerful.

Thoughts enter our realm we accept some we do not accept some, the thoughts attracted elicits an emotion. The emotion now carries an energy charge. This energy activates or triggers the casual body and the action or behaviour manifests. So we accept the impermance of thought and not get attached to it, we begin our journey to non-attachment and compassion.

Uddbared atmanatmanam magnam samasaravaridhau

Yogarudhatvam sadya smaya darsanisthaya.

Having attained the state of yogaruddha, through continuous well established discrimination one should lift oneself from the ocean of change and finitude, where one has become drowned.


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