viveka chudamani-Results.

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This time I was in Kurukshetra, Guruji told me don’t squander your energies in trying to get your in-laws approval it has not happened in 30yrs, it is not likely to happen now. He went on to explain if I performed actions with the aim to get my in-laws approval not getting it will be hurtful. However  if I did something because it had to done devoid of whether it meets approval or not then I have achieved that much of release from the bondage of seeking external approval.

This I realize was explained in the  8th chapter 16th verse of the vivekachudamani. Where Adi Shankaracharya advises us not  squander our mental, emotional and intellectual energies over unintelligent and unrealistic expectation.

Tasks performed without the right intention or clear intention will not give the desired results.

It definitely makes sense to bend our knees and do our best sincerely.

Sannyasays sarvakarmani bhavabhandamuktaye

Yatyatam panditairdhirairatmabhasya upasthitaih (8-13)

May the learned man give up all actions which are motivated by desires and start the practise of rediscovering the self and there by attaining freedom from bondage of birth and death.

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