Zoomnastics — The lockdown life

Its 50 days of lock-down, and that is a neural pathway has already been formed.

Yours sincerely has been weaned away from the familiar charging points of 91springboards, Ram Bhavan and mango meadow.

Life has we know it might change I’m not sure, but once upon a time a bike went zooming by. We used zoom lens on our camera to focus. The zoomed off on an inclined greater that its stable using the stored kinetic energy to lift the carriage. Of course there was the zoom which mean low hum or buzz. Not to mention a sharp increase, which was also a zoom.

Over the last 50 days the word Zoom has manifested in different pathways.  FOMO the fear of losing out has never been stronger. So we have zoomatics  who are zooming in and out of webinars, topics from family gossip to rocket science. they kind of rule the world right now.

Think of the flooding at Siddaramiah Bellad’s clinic for the mentally exhausted. They would be suffering from zoomitis  like zoonosis is being infected by a disease of animal source, this is being infected by zoom source…which begins with sense of boredom, aggravates to FOMO and then  post lockdown it would be withdrawal from Zoom.

The all knowing Google-Mata who dethroned “Mama knows” is now being replaced by “Zoom-Mata” who springs her unlimited off-springs on bored souls(he!he! and you thought zoomata was plural or Italian for zomato). As there is transfer of information from higher density to lower density we have a condition called zoomosis. Overload of information causing zoomorrhea and eventual zombies emerge.

The sanskari guys are not be left out, they now have ‘zoomchari’ (like dinachari is the schedule for the day.) classes on zoom taught by zoom-acharya .

With couple of days of binge in their zoomchari I see lots of people changing their WhatsApp status to “folks I’m taking a few days  off from social media to introspect”

Now that I have zoomitted my malice I can go back to the comfortable state of being a zombie. Who does not do the zoomba dance.

Adieu friends for now, lets meet up another day, another time, maybe another life, with more nonsense.




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