Thank You-Telecom services.

#day 52 of the lockdown.

I have attended two zoom meetings, conducted  2 two zoom sessions and attended 2 family zoom meet ups.  Not bad at all.

If find that most of my work can be conducted without me zooming around the town.

It’s not just me, it’s a whole lot of people who have begun to think so. And let’s hope we stay so.

We have clapped, lit lamps, showered flowers and god known’s what else to honour the “covid-warriors” in khaki uniforms and whitecoats.  We are outraged at the “covid-martyrs” we are so outraged that we come back and send indignant WhatsApp mails and tweet.

We are cribbing about the dropping bandwidth’s, without giving a thought to the 10% increase in usage, and 20% increase in viewership to accommodate this and make it happen is a process.

With 10% increase in internet usage and 20% increase in viewership the telecommunication industry has become the new GOLDEN BABY

Today is the WORLD INFORMATION AND TELECOMMUNITION DAY. I take this day to thank the telecom industry for being the support that they are.

If we look at the ministry of health’s release then we know that telecommunication and internet service providers are considered as essential services, yet the authorities had asked them to close down.

The ministry of information and telecommunication stepped in took webinars to teach people about going digital, they spoke of security issues, they are expanding and have invited start-ups to come up with ideas and proposals. The various challenges that the telecommunication industry is facing

  • DoT had to send official directives to state secretaries to allow movement of Telecom staff, despite the government declaring them as essential services the local authorities were asking them to shut down.
  • New nodal officers had to be appointed for service providers to help in the service providing with licenses and other formalities particularly when difficulties arouse.
  • Ground maintenance staff were required for maintaining the towers functionality.

Increased usage essentially has strained the bandwidth causing a drop in speeds, this meant HD services like Zee5, Amazon Prime, and Netflix have had to use lower definition. They also have to reduce pop ups and advertisement this is definitely a strain on their revenues. If you have noticed over the past 50 days the shoe advertisements have reduced.

Let’s look at how the telecom industry could be effected by the lockdown.

Tata has come up with an audio-conferencing package. Then there is another telecom company that has come with client billing on per minute pulse definitely some more will pop up. But from the industry point of view

  • Decrease in manufacture of hardware and other systems.
  • Decrease in the number of new subscribers, including migrations.
  • Delay in launch of 5G spectrum due to delay in rolling of 5G enabled handset.
  • Drop in tariff’s due to economy, and as such India has the lowest tariff.

Well this is just what rolled from top of my musing for those who are interested in more please do access the ministry of telecommunication webpage.(

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