Blocks on the journey.

#VivekaChudamani -18

Often as we walk on the path of self awareness, and discovery we have reversals. The tendency is to go into self blame, but the blocks in the spiritual journey is usually due to blocks within. It often reflects in the world outside. This is where #compassion comes to play.

Slowly focus on your breathe, maybe 5 or more thoughts begin to float in, as we observe thoughts as if they were a movie the blocks appear. When we are able to recognize the blocks we can work on them, and move forward.

The thoughts float, we give it an emotional charge. This emotional charge gives out  physical signals. We recognize these signals in others, and in situations. Since the primitive brain works to keep us safe, we act on the signals that we recognize to ensure that we stay safe. This brings about a pattern and sometimes blockage.

As we reflect and connect with the other, or understand the situation, the inner landscape changes from distrust to connection. Now we can empathize. To truly break the block, we need sympathy towards the self, this leads us to do what has to be done to break the block and move on.

Sadhanyatra catvari kathitani manisibh

Yeshusatveva sannista yadabhave na sidhyati.


One Reply to “Blocks on the journey.”

  1. Dear Sharmila, Your reflection on self-awareness was indeed refreshing.
    I am now on the brink of Vanaprastha ashram and now I need to develop my sense of spirituality and self-awareness and turn it into socially useful work around me.
    Let’s see how I will evolve into this new avatar.
    Keep blogging and keep interacting , bless you .

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