Viveka Chudamani #19

Most of the eastern philosophy talks about similar things –

the Bodhicitta is about doing a task without being attached to the result. That is neither elated with the win or self condemning on failure.

The Bhagavata Gita talks of “yogasta kurukarmani, na phaleshu kada chana.”  Do what you have to do without being attached to the results.

The Viveka chudamani, again tells us do what he have to do, as we perform the duties and tasks of our everyday or mundane world, the challenges help us discover and accept aspects of ourselves. The first step is to understand what is real and what is unreal. To me, when I cannot do my task, due to work load the unreal is the target that I have failed to meet. While the real is the manifestation of laziness. For over activity is also a sign of laziness that in turn brings forth a refusal to face reality. If I’m able to sincerely go through the process without attaching importance to the failure and success then I can achieve the desired result by doing the necessary changes in process. This is the viveka

This detachment to the end result is vairagya, in terms of the language of Sri Adi Shankara, I have forgotten the Buddhist word for the same. Along with explaining the qualities of vairagya and viveka the verse 19 re-enforces the quality of sama and mumuksutvam.

Adau mitya vastu vivekah pariganyate

Ihamutraphalabhoga viragastadanantaram

Samadistakasm paltimimuksutvamiti sphutum.

While enumerating qualification, we first count the ability to discriminate between real and the unreal. Then comes the spirit of detachment from enjoyment of the fruits of actions here and hereafter. Then is the quality of sama and lastly and undoubtedly a desire for liberation.


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