viveka chudamani #20

Viveka chudamani 20

A firm conviction of the intellect that Brahman alone is real and the phenomenal world is unreal is known as the discrimination between the real and the unreal.

Bhrama satyam jaganmithyetyevahrupo viniscayah

So yam nityanityavastuvivekah samuddahrtah.

I’m reading a rather mundane book by an author called Jason Kothari, but he makes a very interesting observation. That is the inner game rules the outer game. Just as scientists of the mundane world work bit by bit to understand the outer world, the discover of the inner self it’s connect to the eternal is bit by bit. Viveka is about understanding that bit, and allowing it manifest.

Sometime back my husband’s Guruji from avadhoot ashram Kurukshetra was explaining to me, the quest of the truth is not segregation from the day to day world, and viveka is not trapped in the books. Just as we with total integrity go about things that we are committed to with total dedication, makes us excel in it, as we continue dedicating to it, it reveals to us, aspects of ourselves, it reveals to us the cosmic connect and the flow of the universal energy.

By and by we realize the eternal truth, we discover the eternal connectivity which is constant. This connectivity the eternal truth. Or the Brahmasathya.

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