Viveka Chudamani ~17

Vivekono viraktasya samadiguna salinah

Mumksoreva hi brahmaijnasayogyatamah VC-17


The verse essentially deals with who is qualified for the quest of the supreme.

The ability to discriminate, detachment qualities of calmness and also a burning desire for liberation.

The first quality being viveka often we equate viveka to knowledge and confuse information with knowledge. But viveka is something subtly different, maybe the nearest word to it is awareness or the ability to understand the difference between real and unreal. We are not talking about abstract and tangible. It is about understanding and accepting the self.

Vairagya is detachment. The infliction given here is usually that of abandoning, but detachment comes from the space of equanimity. It is the ability to go through a process and be comfortable both with a favourable or an unfavourable result.

Calmness or sama is the quality that allows the choice, when there is turbulence we react, and this reaction triggers an entire wheel of Karmic consequences.

Mumuksutva is the desire to get rid our limitations, and know ourselves. This about investing in the self, as we discover more of our self we break our limitations and grow.

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