sama chitta

Viveka chudamani -23

On the path to self realization is “sama” or the internal state of equilibrium.  This has to be developed through dama  and uparati is the result.

When there is a sense of ‘sama ’ or equilibrium the adept does not attach emotional charge on the ‘phala’ or reward. To be more precise he does not dwell on it. If this internal sama is achieved then it manifests in all aspects of life.

Once we set an intention or take the vrtta, we cease to notice what is not relevant to our goal. This control of the senses is ‘dama’ Dama eliminates distraction, but not processing the irrelevant. This allows the state of ‘sama’ to manifest, sama keeps us calm and detached so we make our choices consciously.  What is within manifests in outer world,  If I’m able to practise dama or control of the sense, call forth the sama or equilibrium when disturbed then I also develop uparati or self withdrawal.

Viseyebhyah para varlya sthapanam svasvagolake

Udbhaye samindriyanam, sad amah parikirtah

Bahyanalam banaom vrtteresoparatiruttamma—IIVC-23II

Steering both kind of sense organs (knowledge and action) away from their sense objects and placing them in their respectively centres of activity is called ‘dama’. The best Uparati (self withdrawal) is that condition of the thought waves that are free from the influence of external objects.

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