world cooperative day and world free hug day.

Today is the world free hug day well rather a paradox during the holocaust of social distancing.  But like Geshe Tenzing Lobsang mentioned in the compassionate wisdom session, we are talking about physical distancing and not emotional distancing.

Now that finished with panic, the denial, stage  we are now on the mode of fight and flight. Every HR  and corporate trainer has suddenly found that he or she was always spiritual. Webinars have become the norm. Be it for pre-schoolers or corporate learners. It’s actually the herd that is moving.

Having vented my own whatever we choose to call it, I call it insecurity, I’m looking at my patient profile over the last three months. When I do my compassionate wisdom meditation I am grateful to the universe for choosing me to be prepared for this event to come.

What are we dealing with actually…ANXIETY… the fear of the unknown.

One of the things that compassionate wisdom teaches us is to see the connectedness of the world.

We went through the stage of “what has been cancelled.” Maybe it is time we looked at “what has not been cancelled” and be grateful for that.

Just as an example you are reading my post, I have written this post, from what I learnt from Gestalt Tenzing Lobsang Neigh at the retreat, along with what he and Dr.Timothy Harrison shared with us at the Emory CBCT covid outreach sessions. So you have these two eminent people  contributing to you. Then there is the Emory University, the people who worked in the back office to facilitate the event. If this is on one plane,

My niece in Bangalore had a worried maid, the schools were closed and classes were online, her kids did not have access to the classroom. My niece’s husband set an old mobile right and gave to her. One afternoon my niece and her husband saw 3-4 kids hurdled and peering into the mobile, social distancing long forgotten, they set an old desktop right and created a classroom for the kids and about 4 kids sit in their spare room, doing their lessons.  What I’m trying to say here is we have the devices, we have the means so we need to be grateful for that.

Every single thing that we use, reaches us in that state of usefulness because of the energy given by so many people. We are connected in that sense, so social distancing is a physical phenomenon and not a economic one, more importantly IT NEED NOT BE a emotional one.

Play need not be supervised gym-ing, or anything structured, maybe creating a terrace garden will let the children connect with the earth, give them sense of achievement that they are growing something. Teach them the much needed art of patience and compassion.

Lets understand the first rule, that the only thing that is certain is uncertainty.

Probably it is time to understand happiness, and that happiness is a process and not destination. It is time to reconnect with that.

Yes, survival is an issue, resources are available, protecting our resources is essential, but hoarding no, not at all. every problem has a solution… it is for us to seek that solution and accept it.

This brings me to another important day that 4th of July commemorates, the day of cooperatives. This year the theme being  cooperating to minimize climatic changes. The international day of cooperatives, celebrates the concept of cooperation. That is for another post.

Thank You Geshe Tenzing Lobsang Negi and Dr.Timothy Harrison for all those wonderful insights and Nikhil Singhla for conducting it. For those who are looking for more… or

The free hugs campaign is a social movement involving individuals who offer hugs to strangers in public places. These are random acts of kindness… like the jadoo ki jappi to make others feel better.  This is a month long happening, from July 1st to August 1st.

COOPERATIVES FOR CLIMATE ACTION is the theme for the international day of cooperatives 2020. The invite is for the global cooperative community to continue pushing for actions that will address climate change.




3 Replies to “world cooperative day and world free hug day.”

  1. Jadoo ki Jhappi to you, too! I agree that meditation and state of awareness helps us a lot in those time. “only thing that is certain is uncertainty”, so well said. But, you know I’ve been a reluctant tech and digital person but only the lockdown prompting me to explore webinar, digital media and even taking online courses. I agree with your reflection on how the so-called new age digital Gurus are sprouting.

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